Mulching Tips

How Often Should You Replace Mulch?

Organic mulch typically lasts between 4 – 6 years. Though, several factors may mean you will need to replace or replenish mulch every 1 – 2 years. Organic mulch does decompose over time, meaning it will need replacing eventually. A typical mulch can last approximately 5 years, however, this time frame can decrease depending on the mulch you use, weather conditions, sun exposure, rainfall, etc. For most landscaping and planting applications, you should have between 2 – 3 inches of mulch. However, if rain, wind, and foot traffic remove some of it, you will need to add more to make sure there is sufficient coverage in place. If your area receives frequent heavy rain, or if your soil and climate conditions speed up decomposition, you will have to perform more mulching to ensure coverage.

Mulch Color

Another factor will be the color of the mulch. Some mulches that are undyed will often start to turn gray after 12 months. It is still effective, however, just not attractive to look at. Many people will replace all the mulch, or just some of the faded mulch to improve the aesthetics. Dyed mulches will hold their color for longer, however, it is important to know how the mulch is dyed. The cheaper mulches use artificial processes to color them, and will often have a negative impact as the dye begins to penetrate the soil. For this reason alone, dyed mulches are removed and replaced every year. Make sure that you know what your mulch is made of and how it will impact your soil before applying it in your garden and planting beds.


The size of the mulch will also factor into how long it lasts. For example, bark mulch will last longer than wood chips. Shredded mulch can be washed away by rain, or even blown away by severe winds.

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